Saturday, July 10, 2010

Illegal Immigration and sanity: Border Patrol in Northern Ohio (Sandusky County, Ohio - July 1, 2010)

If you live in a rural area, particularly one like Sandusky County, Ohio, where labor intensive crops such as tomatoes, cabbage, and cucumbers are prime earners for farmers, you are likely aware that large numbers of migrant farm workers travel the country to work the planting and harvest seasons. They preform hard work in return for pay that permits them a lifestyle that I doubt I would enjoy, nor would, I daresay, most of my readers (all three of you). Some of them do not possess the necessary documentation for them to accept money in exchange for services from a local farmer. In other words, they are “illegal” workers.

Before I go any farther, think about that for just a moment. Full grown adults-citizen and non-citizen alike-are legally barred by the State from entering the simplest of contracts. Why? How does this comport with the idea of a “free” country, if people must prove their status before some officious bureaucrat. And you must do that if you are a citizen, or not-if you work “under the table” you are a criminal in the eyes of the State just as much as if you crossed the border illegally. I fail to find a justification for such a thing under any theory of governance (or even lack of governance) that has any likening to individual freedom...

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