Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rightward Drift On Immigration Continues

Quinnipiac has a poll out of swing-state Ohio today that should make for some interesting discussion for President Obama when he meets with the Hispanic Caucus this afternoon.

The survey finds deep support for the Arizona immigration law that has so angered many in the Hispanic community and even deeper opposition to attempts to move towards integrating illegal immigrants into American society.

From the release:

Ohio voters approve 48 - 28 percent of Arizona’s immigration law. They say 72 - 22 percent that immigration reform should move in the direction of stricter enforcement rather than integrating illegal immigrants into American society. The new law will not lead to discrimination against Hispanics, voters say 43 - 40 percent. And by an overwhelming 79 - 10 percent they think an economic boycott of Arizona is a bad idea.

“Ohio voters like the Arizona approach to illegal immigration so much they would like to see a similar law passed by the State Legislature,” said Quinnipiac’s Peter Brown said...

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