Sunday, August 8, 2010

10 pct. of households receiving aid are mixed-immigration status

SALT LAKE CITY — Ten percent of the Utah households that receive food stamps, Medicaid or government welfare are a blend of illegal immigrants and U.S. citizens, according to new data released by the state.

Illegal immigrants cannot receive such benefits directly, except for some emergency health care. But any of their children born in the United States become automatic U.S. citizens and may receive benefits.

Department of Workforce Services data requested by the Deseret News shows that 23,837 such mixed-status households received some benefits between June 2009 and May of this year.

That is 10 percent of the 238,521 total Utah households that received such help. DWS collects data from illegal immigrants because the income of all household members affects eligibility of citizens for benefits and the amounts they may receive...

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