Saturday, August 21, 2010

Houston Mayor: Failed Immigration Policy Is Responsible For Teen’s Murder

Houston Mayor Annise Parker blames failed federal immigration policy for the shooting death Aug. 7 of 14-year-old Shatavia Anderson. The girl was walking home alone from a party around midnight, when she was allegedly confronted, then shot in the back, just 100 yards from her home.

Two suspects have been arrested in the case. The alleged gunman is Melvin Alvarado, 22, a Honduran national. He was twice convicted of drunk driving in Houston, served time in Harris County Jail, and was twice deported–in April 2008 and again in May 2009–only to return to Houston.

“We have to figure out a way to secure our borders,” said Mayor Parker, in an interview with Forbes. “The problem is not illegal immigration. The problem is not being able to figure out when we catch somebody whether they’re here illegally. The problem is that when someone has broken a U.S. law and they’re in the system, we ought to have secure borders so we can keep them out. That is a federal responsibility at which they have failed miserably.”...

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