Sunday, September 12, 2010

Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce Discusses Illegal Immigration, SB 1070, And Elections (Interview)

MESA, Arizona — On Tuesday, Aug. 24, The Latin America News Dispatch sat down with Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce to discuss the controversial immigration law, SB1070, of which he was the lead author.

At the time Pearce was up for reelection, but the incumbent senator ran uncontested, predictably coming away with 96.56 percent of the vote (a write-in candidate garnered 3.44 percent).

Though the most controversial portions of 1070 were largely blocked by a federal judge at the end of July, at least 20 states are pursuing similar legislation. Pearce vowed that he would continue his fight against what he calls the “illegal invasion” from its front in Arizona, just as the growing discontent in America will continue, he warns, with inevitable consequences in November...

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