Sunday, October 17, 2010

Teenage Illegal Alien Rapist Had Criminal Record
(Liberty Township, Ohio - 10/08/2009)

In yet another tragic consequence of sanctuary policies, an illegal immigrant teenager convicted of beating and raping a neighbor had a criminal record and previous arrests before committing the atrocity.

The illegal immigrant from Mexico was just 14 years old when he assaulted, robbed and raped a 64-year-old woman earlier this year near his home in Liberty Township, an Ohio town located bout 25 miles south of Dayton. He pleaded no contest and this week was slapped with a 28-year prison sentence. Authorities say he will finally be deported once he serves his time.

The big question is why wasn’t he deported sooner? The sheriff in Butler County, where the crime took place, confirmed early on that the violent teen (Alex Ramirez) had a previous criminal record and would be tried as an adult. Ramirez had also been arrested at least twice, according to local news reports that also revealed the teen had broken into other houses before bludgeoning and raping the woman...

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