Saturday, November 6, 2010

Border security ended at her front door

Nancy Henderson is not a political activist, she's a crime victim.

She and her husband, Matt Spitz, didn't purchase 40 acres of undeveloped land in southern Arizona near the base of the Sawtooth Mountains in order to put themselves on the frontline of our national debate over border security and illegal immigration.

“We move here from Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia, because I was tired of the cold,” Nancy told me. “This place is remote, but finding a spot like that was our intent when my husband and I moved here. We wanted a place where we could buy some land and have some horses and do the things we wanted to do. My husband passed away a year and a half ago from cancer, but this is still my home. It's still where I want to be.”

Over the years, the couple grew accustomed to visits from the occasional illegal border crosser.

“They would come to the door every now and then asking for water, mostly, and seemed so grateful to be pointed to the spigot,” Nancy said. “We never had any break-ins or thefts.”

That changed in September...

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