Friday, November 12, 2010

Illegals made Democrat governor in Connecticut?
'Sanctuary city' issued thousands of IDs accepted for voter registration

Martha Dean (CPBN Media Lab)
Connecticut's lame-duck attorney general and new senator-elect, Richard Blumenthal, is obligated to investigate credible accusations of voter fraud that linger in the state's gubernatorial election – including possible illegal alien voting – despite Republican candidate Tom Foley's concession yesterday to Democratic opponent Dannel Malloy, charges the GOP'sattorney general candidate in last Tuesday's election, Martha Dean

Dean, who is considering further legal action challenging the eligibility of her victorious Democratic opponent, argued Blumenthal is sworn to uphold the federal and state constitutions, making it his obligation to investigate voter fraud "without regard to whether it has been requested or approved by the secretary of state."

Foley supports continued investigation of the allegations but has concluded "there was no credible evidence of fraudulent voting" that would have altered the result.

Allegations include extended voting hours in Democratic-stronghold Bridgeport announced illegally through the reverse 911 system, unattended bags of ballots, ballots photocopied without supervision and union workers leaving replica ballots in polling booths with Democratic candidates checked off.

Republicans cried foul last week after the state's top election official – Democratic Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz – declared the Democratic candidate the winner despite the absence of an official vote count and a post-deadline tally from Bridgeport that overcame the Republican candidate's lead.

But amid the numerous reported allegations, little has been said about the possibility that illegal aliens decided a gubernatorial race in which the candidates officially were separated by just 5,810 votes out of more than 1 million cast, Dean told WND.

Dean noted that both the mayors of New Haven and Hartford have declared their cities "sanctuary cities" for illegal aliens. She pointed out that over the past three years, New Haven has issued ID cards to about 15,000 people, ostensibly to enable them to use public services such as the library.

New Haven, Dean argued, has allowed people registering to vote to use the ID cards as proof of identification.

"While we have no proof that the recipients of these ID cards are illegal aliens, it seems likely since the mayor's argument for the cards focused on helping illegals set up bank accounts and use other city services," she said...

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