Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mexico Officials Accused Of Abusing Illegal Immigrants

Georgia legislators have called for a tough new illegal immigration law similar to Arizona. Critics of the Arizona law claim the law would lead to mistreatment of illegal aliens. A Channel 2 Action News Investigation found Mexican officials routinely abuse illegal immigrants they catch trying to reach the U.S from Central America.

The U.S Border Patrol treats suspected illegal immigrants extremely well. They provide emergency beacons in the desert to people in need of medical aid. They even have a special rescue unit called Borstar that responds as soon as the beacons are set off.

Border Patrol officials told Channel 2 Action News that while in custody illegals are well cared for.

They are provided a wide range of services, including health care and legal services.

"There are widespread abuses going on in Mexico," said Jared Fluer of Amnesty International in Atlanta...

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