Friday, January 28, 2011

'John Doe' who stole murdered boy's identity apologizes in court today

The Bulgarian man who masqueraded under the name of a murdered Ohio boy to go to work in the American West -- most recently for the Oregon Liquor Control Commission -- apologized to the boy's family today.

Doitchin Krastev said in a Portland courtroom that he was sorry for taking Jason Evers' name and his date of birth. He also told his fiancee he was sorry for "turning her life upside down."

Krastev thanked his family and friends for their "steadfast support."

"This is a case about a bad decision," said his attorney, Susan Russell. It was a lie that spun out of control when Krastev was a young man in college and on a student visa, she said.

He never intended to cause anyone anguish or pain, she said.

When Krastev was found out, it "liberated" him in some ways, Russell said.

Krastev, 37, pleaded guilty last November to passport fraud and aggravated identity theft in the case. He was sentenced today to two years and one day in federal prison.

After serving his sentence, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials are expected to deport him...

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