Friday, July 1, 2011

Report: Most Illegal Immigrants Come From Mexico
A congressional report says that 62 percent of the 10.8 million illegal immigrants in the United States come from Mexico

A new congressional report sure to stir up the heated immigration debate finds that about 1 in 4 foreigners in America are here illegally and that 62 percent of them come from Mexico through America's most porous border. Using brand new data, the Congressional Budget Office also reports that 25 percent of "noncitizens," or those here illegally or with temporary passes, live in poverty.

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Overall, the CBO found that there are about 39 million foreign-born people living in the United States, making up more than 12 percent of the population, which is the largest since 1920, the height of the European migration to the United States. Of those, about 10.8 million are here illegally and the subject of much of the discussion in the immigration debate...[Full Article]