Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Falfurrias Woman is Killed After Car Crashes Through Bedroom

FALFURRIAS - A Falfurrias woman is dead after police say a vehicle full of illegal immigrants drove through her house. Family members identify that woman as 70-year-old Bertha Gonzalez.

Police say Gonzalez was asleep when a Chevy Suburban crashed through her bedroom around 2:00 Saturday morning. They say the driver of that car and his seven passengers are all illegal immigrants.

According to officers, it all started when they pulled over the Suburban for a traffic stop. They say the driver suddenly took off at speeds up to 70 miles per hour and didn't stop until he crashed into the house on Trevino and Center Street.

Gonzalez's body was thrown into her backyard and she died immediately. Family members say she has six children and between 20 and 30 grandchildren. Many of those family members drove down to Falfurrias to say goodbye to the woman who is loved by many, "She just loved everybody, she was a beautiful person," said Gonzalez' only daughter, Cecilia Molina, "If he only knew what he took from us."

Falfurrias Police Chief, Eden Garcia says the incident left the whole town in shock. "I'm without words. Really no one deserves to die that way. Nobody does. That's the hardest part for us here," he said.

Police say they caught all eight of the illegal immigrants who were in that suburban. Six of them are recovering at local hospitals. They say the driver of the car will face several charges including murder, transporting illegal aliens, and evading arrest.