Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dayton laying-out welcome mat for illegal aliens
(Dayton, Ohio - 10/11/11)

Dayton, OH – Last week, the Dayton City Commission unanimously approved what they call the "Welcome Dayton" initiative to attract more immigrants and generally make the city more immigrant-friendly. Under the plan the city will request federal money to teach immigrants English and will lobby both the state and federal governments for more so-called “pro-immigration” laws.

City Manager Tim Riordan told the crowd at last week’s meeting: “Critics conveniently connect the word 'immigrant' with the word 'illegal' when talking about the Welcome Dayton plan, but that's not what this initiative is all about. We have many good people from all nationalities coming here to invest in the community and to build a better life. The same thing is happening in cities and towns across the country. Our local colleges and universities see the benefits of this movement and are actively recruiting more foreign-born students. This is the reality of a world that is getting smaller and smaller, so we should take advantage of the opportunities that are at hand.”

While Riordan claims that the plan is not designed to turn Dayton in a ‘sanctuary city’ for illegal aliens, two key points of the program will make it much easier for illegal aliens to live and work in the city...[Full Article]