Sunday, September 5, 2010

Black Americans Discuss The Impacts Of Illegal Immigration On Their Communities [Video]

Reverend Wayne Perryman, Ted Hayes, C. Mason Weaver and others address the impact of illegal immigration on the black community in the video below. Unemployment is higher in the black community than in the hispanic community, yet there are those urging an amnesty for illegal aliens. As Ted Hayes points out, some so-called "black leaders" in congress and members of the Congressional Black Caucus do indeed see the devastation of illegal immigration, yet they are afraid to speak out. They don't want to lose votes, they fear violent retaliation in the streets against blacks by hispanics and "they don't want to be called racists".

Enough is enough though! Why would you sit by and watch your communities be destroyed? What kind of leader would do such a thing? It doesn't matter if the community is black, white, hispanic, asian or any other ethnicity, these are Americans we are talking about and they should be defended against this influx of law breakers who are making the lives of the poorest among us a living hell.

Watch the video below and pass it on.