Sunday, September 5, 2010

Non-Amnesty Immigration Bill Emerging

The issue of illegal immigration is a dramatic one for US voters, most of whom understand what is truly at stake. Left wing Progressives are pushing hard for “path to citizenship” schemes aka “amnesty” using every emotional plea and propaganda trick in the book. Right wingers are demanding hard line enforcement of the rule-of-law and want to see most illegal immigrants caught and punished, then repatriated as required by law. Moderates support the rule-of-law but also want to treat illegal immigrants humanely. Thus the three major groups appear entrenched in their positions. Yet one idea has now come forth that seems to bridge the divides between all groups and has gained over 80% in focus group support as the best solution for the nation. It is known as the BUIRA bill proposal.

The Bonn Unlawful Immigration Reform Act is a bill proposal now being quietly considered by many Republican law makers in both the House and Senate. BUIRA is now seen as the alternative to Comprehensive Amnesty that is estimated to cost taxpayers $4 trillion while also violating Article 4, Section 4 of the US Constitution if imposed...

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