Sunday, September 26, 2010

Companies embarrassed when illegal alien is arrested for child identity theft

Orem, Utah police arrested a 26 year old man on September 20, 2010 for purchasing and using a child’s Social Security number to obtain employment.

The child’s parents had learned that their child was a victim of identity fraud while seeking assistance from Utah Workforce Services which manages a wide range of programs including financial (cash), Food Stamps and/or child care assistance programs.

According to press reports, Martin Estrada-Urcino, 26, told police that he purchased the number eight years ago when he illegally entered the United States. This is such a common practice that the Social Security Administration estimates that 75% of illegal aliens use fraudulently obtained Social Security numbers which is a felony.

Mr. Estrada-Urcino subsequently used the fraudulently obtained number to unlawfully get jobs. He defrauded his employers by professing to be legally in the United States and he committed perjury on his I-9 forms (felony). Finally, he committed identity fraud by using another person’s Social Security number and this is a major felony under Utah law.

An investigation revealed that he had earned approximately $10,000 from Layton Roofing Company and $2,400 from Brady Roofing in 2010 under the child’s Social Security number.

The fraudulent use of a Social Security number can cause extremely serious harm to the owner of the number. The person’s good name will be ruined. Her credit may be destroyed and she may be saddled with arrest records. Medical records can be compromised with life threatening consequences.

A child may be denied financial aid and scholarships seriously damaging her educational opportunities and she may be denied internships and jobs based on records wrongfully attached to her social security number. In some cases, critically required medical care may be denied...

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