Sunday, May 8, 2011

Immigrants who are in U.S. illegally don't respect our laws

Many of our "progressive" friends in government identify immigrants who are here illegally as 'undocumented immigrants' instead of common references like 'illegal aliens.' Somehow in their thinking the term 'illegal aliens' is demeaning. One of the most powerful liberals in Washington D.C., House of Representatives Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (SF) goes so far as to say that undocumented aliens are, in her estimation, "heroes." In an address she made in a bay area church, Pelosi also labeled U.S. Border Patrol ICE Agents as "un-American." While many Democrats across the country continue to push for amnesty and defend the President's weak border policy, is it any wonder why most of the estimated 12-22 million people who are here illegally have little respect for this country's laws?

Not only have millions of foreigners come into our country illegally, but many of them have committed fraud by using fictitious forms of identification (i.e. social security numbers and driver's licenses) they show employers. What is most disturbing about this is the fact that the federal government itself can uncover this form of crime almost immediately. Why don't they? They won't because to do so would mean they would have to deny themselves of social security and other tax revenue from these sources...[Full Article]