Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother confronts killer who brutally murdered her daughter with a metal pipe in random attack

A grieving mother who came to Queens from China to confront her daughter's murderer broke down repeatedly in court Wednesday as she told him what he had taken from her.

"Yao was our sun, our hope, our dreams, our future and our strength," Guihua Yu told Carlos Salazar Cruz, who sat at the defense table with his head bowed.

"You beast!" she shouted during the nearly 45-minute tongue-lashing.

"I just wanted to be able to hold her and see her. What I saw was a corpse, a dead body," she mourned.

"I wanted to die. There was no reason for me to live anymore. The pillar of my life had disappeared. The sky had fallen - all because of this beast. This beast sentenced her to death."

"You have destroyed our lives," Yu wailed. "Come back my daughter! My only child. I have lost my child. My child, my child."...[Full Article]