Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mormon leader faces deportation

Federal officers arrested 53 year old Felix Callejas, his wife and two of their children at their home April 19. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says a judge ordered Luca Callejas to return to El Salvador in 2008.

Callejas' other family members got the same deportation order in 2009. The family appealed and their case was dismissed earlier this month.

Callejas is the president of a Spanish speaking LDS Church branch in Draper. Concerned church members called local activist Tony Yapias saying they're now afraid to go to church. “The whole membership was devastated over what happened,” says Latino rights advocate Tony Yapias.

Yapias says concerned Mormons called him heartbroken that their branch president, 53-year-old Felix Callejas and his family, were arrested by federal immigration officers.

Callejas was arrested April 19 and remains in jail for living in the U.S. as an illegal alien. His wife and two of their children were also arrested, but have since been released from jail...[Full Article]